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Ulan Bator: Végétale - 20th anniversary

We are pleased to announce:
Available for the first time, remastered vinyl version of Végétale (1997) on gatefold sleeve. Limited Edition 300 copies!
Available for PRE-ORDER

This album is out of print since almost 15 years. 

It was originally released on Compact-disc in October 1997 by french label: Les Disques Du Soleil Et De l’Acier and, right after, in Italy by Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti... 

faUSt / Ulan Bator : Record Store Day 2017 exclusive split 12" Maxi

New  Video Ulan Bator:  NEUNEU  by Julien Perrin  - 2017

New  Album STEREOLITH available on label BUREAU B

Release date: February 24th, 2017
Version with
white vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

In today's increasingly barren rock and roll landscape, Ulan Bator stand as beacons of explorative songwriting. Formed in Paris in 1993 by Amaury Cambuzat (vocals, guitar and keyboards) and Olivier Manchion (Bass), the band's atmospheric approach to composition has consistently yielded guitar-driven avant-rock at once hypnotic and untamed. And while their sound has developed in a variety of directions – often in relationship to changing line-ups and various collaborations, including with krautrock legends Faust and Swans' Michael Gira – Ulan Bator's resist simple categorization: kraut-y repetition, post-rock guitar flourishes, kosmische synth work, intimate whispering and pounding drums have all taken an audible lead throughout their now twenty-year career.

Music performed by 

Amaury Cambuzat - Voices, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars and Percussion

Mario Di Battista - Bass

Sergio Pomante - Drums and Saxophone


Music recorded at Analphabet City and at Noise Lab Studio between March and September 2016 by Amaury Cambuzat and Sergio Pomante.


Vocals recorded at O.F.F. Studio, October 2016 by Paul Beauchamp


Mixed by Sergio Pomante with Amaury Cambuzat at Noise Lab Studio, October 2016


Mastering by Sergio Pomante at Noise Lab Studio, November 2016.


Artwork by Valentin Pinel


Thanks to an agreement between the three of us (original members) and the french label JELODANTI, we are pleased to announce that our first album (Ulan Bator, S/T, 1995) will be available for the very first time in vinyl!

It will be a limited edition of 400 numbered copies, specially remastered for vinyl and with a new Artwork designed by  french artists Clara Djian & Nicolas Leto.  Handmade on gatefold sleeve.

Some copies are now available in pre-order at our shop (BandCamp)  before its official release (November 2016).

This album is out of print since almost 15 years and was originally released in march 1995 (in Compact-Disc only) by french label: Les Disques Du Soleil Et De l’Acier. 

Thank you for your attention and for your precious support. 

ULAN BATOR - 20 Years Anniversary Vinyl ltd Edition - 1995

Side A: Hauptstadt | Katatonia | Radio Disco | Cheetah Carnage

Side B: Piano Mecanik | Apt 18-A | Feu ! Fire! Feuer ! | Cerf-Volant

Line-up 1995: Amaury Cambuzat - Olivier Manchion - Franck Lantignac

Ulan Bator Jelodanti
Ulan Bator original jewelbox cd cover 1995

January the 25th, 2016 - ULAN BATOR New Album! 

Dear friends, followers and fans, 


So happy to announce the release of our new album, ABRACADABRA, out on January 26, 2016.


This ten tracks album was recorded and produced between April and October 2015.


The mastering of this new album was done by Douglas Henderson (The Swans: « The Seer » & « To Be Kind », Antony & The Johnsons: « I’m a bird now », Devendra Banhart: « Nino Roja » and many others)

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